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Progress 2022: City of Jackson sees personnel changes and keeps growing

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This summary is from the City’s “Annual Accomplishments 2021.” Not all city departments are included here, and only the major accomplishments and projected projects are listed.

Building and Planning Department – Janet Sanders, Manager

2021 accomplishments:

  • Richard Kramer retired at the end of March as a GIS technician after 20 years with the city. Richard began his career at the city as a building inspector and moved to the GIS position in 2003.
  • Tammy Chaffin began as the new GIS technician in May.
  • Online hosting of our GIS map continued with SEMO Regional Planning.
  • Tammy Chaffin and Janet Sanders assisted SEMO Regional Planning with ward redistricting after the release of the 2020 census data.
  • Maps of known veterans’ graves in both cemeteries were updated for use by the American Legion in placing flags on veterans’ graves on Memorial Day and again in December for use by the DAR for their participation in the Wreaths Across America program to place Christmas wreaths on veterans’ graves.
  • All board meetings returned to in‑person meetings this year with social distancing still prevalent.
  • Building Inspectors Steve Grant and Larry Miller reviewed approximately 276 plans of various types and performed approximately 1,740 inspections in 2021 (as of Nov. 1).
  • A total of 694 permits of all types were issued in 2021 (as of Nov. 1). This number is higher than 2020.
  • The Zoning Board of Adjustment heard 23 zoning variance requests and approved 21 variances (as of Nov. 1). They heard and resolved 6 dangerous building cases.
  • A Historic Architectural Survey was completed RDG Planning and Design using the Historic Preservation Funds Grant awarded by the National Park Service in 2020 and a 40% city match. RDG was selected and began a historic architectural survey of 132 properties in a designated area within the original town of Jackson platted in 1814 and an 1880s addition to the town, for the purpose of determining appropriate boundaries for one or more future historic districts.

2021 subdivisions completed:

  • Pioneer Orchards Market Subdivision (4 lots).
  • East Washington Grove Subdivision (reconfigures 2 existing lots).
  • Stone Creek Subdivision No. 2 (2 lots).
  • Resubdivision of Lot 20 Parkview Terrace Subdivision Phase II (2 lots).
  • Summer Lane Subdivision (2 lots).
  • Jackson Industrial Development Company Subdivision (3 lots).

2021 subdivisions in progress:

  • Ramsey Branch Subdivision Phase 2 (60 lots).
  • McKendree Crossing Subdivision Phase 2 (40 lots).

Projected accomplishments for 2022:

  • Adopt 2021 International Building Codes.
  • Update the City of Jackson Comprehensive Plan.
  • Update city cemetery maps and publish map of all known burials online.
Civic Center – Jason Lipe, Manager

The year 2021 signaled a return to almost normal conditions at the Civic Center. While many of the large‑ scale annual events that typically take place at the Civic Center were canceled due to COVID‑19 concerns, the second half of the year did see a few of the large events return.

A total of 646 paid rentals were scheduled in 2021, not including semi‑weekly Yoga and Tai Chi classes.

2021 accomplishments:

  • Sold 6,700 daily entry passes.
  • Brought in over $48,000 in rental revenue.
  • 646 rentals on the facility calendar.
  • Conducted an energy audit to identify potential cost‑saving measures.
  • Opened the tornado safe room.

Projected accomplishments for 2022:

  • Storage facility.
  • Security cameras.
Engineering Dept. – Anna Bergmark, City Engineer (6/1-12/31); Clint Brown, Staff Engineer (1/1-4/30/21)

Projects completed in 2021:

  • Annual Asphalt Pavement Improvement Program.
  • Annual Concrete Pavement Improvement Program.
  • Annual Sanitary Sewer Lining Program.
  • Annual Wastewater Bio-solids Disposal Program.
  • Brookside Ballfield Project.
  • Stormwater Management Plan and MS4 permit application submitted to MDNR (completed by Clint Brown).

Projects continuing into 2022:

  • Water System Facility Implementation Program – Phase 2, Project 2B.
  • Water System Facility Implementation Program – Phase 2, Project 2C.
  • Revisions to the Storm-water Management Plan based on DNR feedback.
  • Hubble Creek Low‑Water Crossing Replacement Project.
  • West Mary Street Low‑ Water Crossing Replacement Design.
  • Continue the bridge inspection and maintenance program as laid out in the “Jackson City‑Wide Bridge Plan.”

Projected accomplishments in 2022:

  • Complete the Water System Facility Plan Implementation Program Phase 2B.
  • Complete the Hubble Creek Low‑Water Crossing Replacement Project.
  • Begin Water System Facility Implementation Program – Phase 3.
  • Complete the Mary Street Low‑Water Crossing Replacement Project.
  • Pursue and secure funding for the preliminary study of East Main Street sidewalk between Bellevue Street and Shawnee Boulevard and the surrounding areas.
  • Begin the development of a fully compliant ADA Transportation Plan.
Fire Department – Jason Mouser, Chief

Much like 2020, Jackson Fire Rescue spent much of 2021 adjusting to the ups and downs of the COVID‑19 virus. It worked with the health department and the County-wide Emergency Management team in all aspects of the response and recovery efforts.

A quick report on the type of incidents handled in 2021:

  • 49 structure fires.
  • 10 vehicle fires.
  • 14 natural cover fires.
  • Three overpressure rupture, explosion, overheat.
  • Three searches for missing person on land.
  • Three water rescues.
  • 1,018 medical assist calls (Advanced Life Support given on 230 calls from paramedics on duty).
  • 85 motor vehicle accidents.
  • Seven vehicle extrications.
  • 57 hazardous condition calls (includes hazmat spills, co incidents, gas leaks).
  • 169 citizen assist calls.
  • 137 dispatched and cancelled enroute or no incident found on arrival.
  • 103 alarm activation responses.
  • One severe weather response.
  • One special incident type.
  • 1660 emergency responses in 2021.

2021 accomplishments:

  • Completed an integration of MOSWIN radio communication with the County Dispatch, Cape City, and Cape County Fire Departments.
  • Completed specification review pre‑build and order of a new fire engine. It will be received in spring of 2022.
  • Completed 100% of the 2019 regional grant for $268,800 for specialized training to 30 members of the SEMO Region E technical rescue team totaling over 280 hours per member.
  • Conducted a hiring eligibility list which led to the hiring of five part‑time firefighters.
  • Received an Emergency Management Preparedness Grant for $24,533.80 that was used for battery replacement for storm sirens, internet, cable, and phone for the EOC, and annual fee for remote storm siren activation, and a third of the cost of a staff vehicle.
  • Received a grant for $16,000 to complete air monitoring system.
  • Received a grant for $14,750 for a drone capable of thermal imaging and GPS plotting.
  • Put into service a donated boat trailer for the inflatable rescue boat that was customized with donated labor by Custom Cut Fabrication.
  • Pressure tested over 13,000 feet of attack hoses and supply hoses.
  • Flowed and painted 342 hydrants in the central section of town.
  • Car seat technicians installed or checked 40 car seats.

Projected accomplishments for 2022:

  • Apply for the Fire Act Grant, Fire Safety and Prevention Grant and other grants that will benefit the department and the City of Jackson.
  • Evaluate the ISO evaluation system on how we can obtain a Class 3 status.
  • Conduct hydrant flows in the west area of town.
  • Roll out a new Officer Development Program designed to prepare firefighters for lieutenant and company officer positions.
  • Approve and implement the updated City Emergency Operations Plan conducted by SEMO Regional Planning.
  • Implement a policy and procedure for drone operations after it is purchased.
  • Work with Cape County to implement a citywide notification system called RAVE alert that citizens can opt in to receive alerts.
  • Work with George Harris and an engineering/architectural firm to make plans for the renovation of Station No. 1 and headquarters.
Parks and Recreation Department – Shane Anderson, Director

2021 accomplishments:

  • Brookside Park:

~ Installed a new ball field located east of the memorial.

~ Planted two trees and removed one dead tree.

~ Improved the restroom plumbing.

  • City Park:

~ The Rock Garden was upgraded with installation of concrete stage and electric outlets.

~ Removed old press box at field No. 2.

~ Added a restroom facility at the Leist Memorial Band Shell.

  • Football Park

~ Installed new bleacher seat and foot boards.

  • Litz Park

~ Installed eight pickleball courts to replace the tennis court area.

Projected accomplishments for 2022:

  • Brookside Park:

~ Prepare new ballfield for practice and games.

  • City Park:

~ Upgrade restroom facilities with paint and tuck‑ pointing exterior brick.

~ Install new playground equipment as needed.

  • Litz Park:

~ Improve Pickleball court entrance and parking lot.

~ Install new disc golf signs as needed.

Police Department – James Humphreys, Chief

2021 completed our first full year with the consolidated dispatch center with Cape County which is going very well.

2021 also brought with it more specialized training to members of the Jackson Police Department, such as Officer Down medical training for officers.

The department successfully applied for and received over $18,000 in grant money for traffic enforcement equipment and overtime through the Missouri Division of Highway Safety in 2021.

The Jackson Police Department handled approximately 20,000 calls for service, worked over 400 traffic accidents, and officers prepared over 2,000 written reports. Officers conducted over 3,000 vehicle stops although stops were down due to COVID‑19. We conducted over 10,000 extra patrol requests and we issued over 1,000 citations.

This past year, the Jackson Police Department along with Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Department and Cape Girardeau Police Department joined together to begin implementation of a new comprehensive Police Records Management System (RMS). This RMS will continue to allow our law enforcement officers to report directly from the field in support of state of the art, real‑ time crime analysis.

2021 accomplishments:

  • In March, we earned re‑accredited status with the Commission on Accreditation for law Enforcement Agencies and conducted a successful virtual onsite review for another four years.
  • First full year of consolidated dispatch center with Cape County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Conducted active shooter training with all officers using the MACTAC system for encountering active shooters (Multi‑Assault, Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities).
  • The department conducted many of our community related events in 2021 which were cancelled previously due to COVID‑19, including the annual toy drive and a special drive‑thru trick or treat event.
  • Successful application for the Highway Safety Grant for overtime and equipment to work hazardous violations, such as DWIs. Approximately $18,805 applied for and received for traffic enforcement and a new in-car video camera.
  • Continued a grant for bulletproof vests through the Dept. of Justice totaling over $11,000 through 2021‑2023.
  • Obtained $3,025 grant through MIRMA for an in‑car video camera system.
  • Successful completion of our National Drug Take Back program through the DEA. Over 270 pounds of old prescription meds were seized and properly destroyed.
  • Several successful drug investigations with the assistance of DEA and the SEMO Drug Task Force.

Projected accomplishments in 2022:

  • Continue our accredited status and assessments with the Commission on Accreditation for law Enforcement Agencies in 2022.
  • Continue our consolidation and improving on our combined dispatch center with Cape County.
  • Find new ways to recruit and retain police officers for the department.
  • Improve and focus on mental health of officers through training and awareness.
  • Hope to add a sixth SRO to work with R‑2 School District.
  • Step up preventive patrols and target areas for speed enforcement in neighborhoods and schools. Work on grant for new speed trailer.
  • Upon being fully staffed we would like to form a traffic unit to decrease accidents through traffic enforcement and visibility.
  • Working on new initiative with DEA and other partnering agencies. This new initiative named “SHORE” (Southeast Missouri Hybrid Overdose Response Effort) will be focusing on the opioid problems and more specific, drug related deaths resulting from these drugs. It will specifically target the drug dealer and hold he/she responsible for a death resulting from the deliberate misrepresentation of drugs by drug traffickers, such as the lethal drug fentanyl.
Public Works Department – Kent Peetz, Director

Much of February was spent preparing for and responding to over a week of ice and then a very unique snow event. The amount of snow, single digit temperatures, and strong winds followed by more snow, and then more snow created some special challenges for all Public Works departments.

The Street Department and all of the other City departments that assisted them are to be commended for their efforts to keep our streets safe for emergency vehicles and our traveling public.

Several meetings were held with the Cape Girardeau County Road Department to form a plan to maintain streets that are shared by the City and the County. After much discussion, the County scheduled an asphalt overlay of Harmony Lane for November.

Parking blocks were added to the west side of Court Street in response to vehicular damage to uptown businesses and City Hall.

Smith and Company Engineers designed the Hubble Ford Bridge Replacement Project. The project is expected to be complete in early summer 2022.

Clint Brown, P.E. resigned from the City Engineer position and Anna Bergmark, P.E. was hired as his replacement.

Horner and Shifrin Engineering designed the East Main Street Pavement Improvement and Storm Sewer Repair Project which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2022.

2021 accomplishments:

  • Water Bond Project 2B was completed, replacing undersized cast iron water mains on Old Cape Road near South Georgia Street and out by East Jackson Boulevard, along with improvements at the well installations around town.
  • Smith and Company Engineers designed the Hubble Ford Bridge Replacement Project.
  • Water Facility Plan Implementation Project 2C and East Main Street Pavement Improvement and Storm Sewer Repair Project be bid in November 2021 and are scheduled for completed in the second quarter of 2022.
  • Williams Creek Sewer Interceptor Project Phase 1 and 2 were completed, extending gravity sewer service from East Jackson Boulevard to East Main Street.
  • Brookside Park Ballfield addition was completed.
  • Staff coordinated Cape County Emergency Operations Center mounting the radio antennas on the city’s north water tower and the repainting of the water tower.
  • Kimbeland Lift Station Construction and Bypass Project plans have been completed.
  • Cochran Engineering has started design work for the West Mary Street Bridge replacement, sidewalks and water and sewer improvements. Completion of a new bridge is expected in December 2022.
  • Designs are underway for the Wastewater Facility Plan Implementation Program. Applications have been submitted for loans and plans are underway for a vote on wastewater bonds in April of 2022.

Projected accomplishments for 2022:

  • Work will continue to get the Wastewater Facility Plan Implementation Program funded and underway.
  • Construction of the Hubble Ford Bridge replacement project.
  • Kimbeland Lift Station Upgrade construction
  • Plans will be completed and a new bridge project will begin to replace the low water crossing on West Mary Street.
  • Klaus Park Wastewater Force Main Upgrade and Relocation Project.

Gregory Dullum has worked for The Cash-Book Journal for more than 25 years. Prior to becoming the editor in May 2017, he was production manager, circulation manager and reporter. Before moving to Cape Girardeau in 1988, he was editor of the Saint Louis Park Sailor, a weekly community newspaper in suburban Minneapolis, MN. A native of Minnesota, he returned there after graduating with distinction in 1978 from Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA, with a degree in mass communications. His wife, Marie, whom he met in college, is a native of Zalma, a small town in southeast Missouri. They have two grown daughters and five grandchildren. Gregory may be reached at

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