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1922: 100 Years Ago In and Around Jackson

The following news tidbits come from the files of the “Missouri Cash-Book” and “The Southeast Missourian August, 1922.” I think you will find some humorous, happy occasions that took place, as well as tragic events. These historic happenings are so important to remember as they create the wonderful community Jackson is now, as well as to remember those who made it so.

AUG. 3-9: “ A still was found in the field on the Oliver Farm between Whitewater and Allenville yesterday. The farm lies along the Whitewater River and is owned by J.M. Single of Whitewater and J.S. Medley of Cape. The still has apparently been used recently and it is thought it was being moved, but left in the hiding place temporarily. Two boys found it while crossing the field after fishing. It is made of copper and has the capa-city to make 20 gallons. The sheriff was notified.

“Homecomers 1922 will be held the first week of Sept. 4. It will be bigger and better. The DeKreka Bros. Show will come in 15 large train cars.”

“Circle Theatre will tonight feature “The Lotus Eater” 10 cents children and 25 cents adults.”

“Dr. J.J. Schneider, optometrist and optician, will be at Jackson every Thursday above H.A. Ueleke’s. Eyes are examined free. Glasses are from $3.50 up.”

“Misses Lenore and Katherine Rafferty will be attending the Normal State School.”

“Thomas Rafferty Jr. has been elected principal of Namersville School immediately.”

“Get your watermelons at the Hoffmeister Feed Store.”

“Groves-Snider Motor Co. doing business in Jackson.”

“A most enjoyable summer party was held at the home of Miss Millie Braun on the gravel road by Miss Clara Moeckler’s home in honor of Miss Bessie Braun of Cape and Miss Ida Davis of St. Louis. Attendees numbered 22 from Jackson and Cape.”

“McCombs Furniture and Undertakers have Clark Grove Vaults. They are made of 12 gauge Keystone copperbearing steel and do not leak with water.”

AUG. 10: “The Shoe Factory is a sure fact, therefore the Chamber is turning their attention to a Furniture Factory and we should all try to make a go of it. Mr. Roloff is to head this industry committee and will be a success from the beginning. Jackson has lots of room for more industry. It will bring more people to town, which means more building and jobs.”

“Epworth League of the Methodist Church held a hayride and weiner roast Tuesday on Williams Creek. After the long evenings they returned with singing and laughter. Mr. McNeely and Mr. Waters were guests.”

“New McKendree held a revival Tuesday night with Rev. Harry Allen of Macon, GA.”

“Miss Della Piper and Miss Thelma Harris both have been sent to the delinquent girl facility of Chillicothe, Mo.”

“Thanks go to the ‘Cape County Post’ for helping us get out the paper as we had not an operator.”

“Near Rock Hill Church a very sad crime was committed between 10:30-11:30 Saturday evening. Some neighbor boys discovered a fire at John Green’s (a colored man) place. His body was found in the ruins with a crush to the back of his head. Anthony Snider, a nearby neighbor saw him pass their house coming from Jackson. He had put away his horse and buggy and turned his dog loose. This man was 53 and had a peaceful life in the community with colored and white. He was a prosperous farmer on the land about five miles northeast of Jackson, known as the Elam Russell land.”

“R.R. Stevenson of Shawneetown has been elected to the executive committee of the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation.”

“Baby chick feed is available at the C.W. Hoffmeisters.”

“August 7 marriage took place between Mr. Jefferson Crites and Miss Barbara Friese.”

“J.V. Priest of Schumer Springs has been here to visit their son and wife, John Vaughan Priest.”

“Miss Anna Oliver of Neely’s Landing entertained a party of 15 with a dance on the boat, ‘Bald Eagle’ for a trip to Commerce.”

“Miss Mayme Luckey left for Brazeau where she will open a millinery store.”

“Cane Creek School District has had their school painted and name of the school placed over the door.”

“All of the following available at the Cash Grocery: Pure Country Maple Syrup jars 50 cents; Quart jar of Apple Butter 25 cents; Jelly tumblers 45 cents; and P&G soap 5 cents.”

AUG. 11: “Three farmers’ homes were entered on Thursday on the Cape Girardeau Gordonville Road, 6 miles west of Cape. Maple Hitt reported $200 worth of jewelry, including a woman’s watch engraved ‘M.M.’; 4 rings including one with pearl and diamonds, one Cripple Creek gold engraved with grapes, and two plain ones. The coins included a 1885 gold piece. The robbers came through the window screen. Fred Meyer took his bloodhounds to the scene which tracked down from the branch road to the Cape-Gordonville Rd. but the dogs lost the scent. Cigarette butts found at the scene show there was more than one person. Two other farmers, Frank Ross and J.B. Ostendorf, were also entered.”

AUG. 14: Chief Voges of Jackson apprehended two vehicles on Saturday and Sunday for tow for not displaying license plates.

Charles McDowell of Lee-mon and Ersel Turner and Leslie Schweer of Jackson. Under the new order of the Prosecuting Attorney Hines, a general cleanup of law violators has been started. Not only those not displaying car licenses, but also those who “split” moving a license from one vehicle to another. Also a watch for children operating cars. Frank Medkiff was arrested for operating his car without a license. He was fined $25 and jail time, but released when he agreed to pay fine and costs.”

“The manufacturing plants of Jackson who are fueled by coal are operating without a profit or at a great loss due to the inflation of the commodity caused by the coal strike.”

AUG. 15: “Henry Fox, an employee of the Shoe Factory, was apprehended by Chief Voges yesterday for violating the city ordinance by spitting on the sidewalk. Mayor Vandivort acting as the police judge, released the youth after he was apprehended.”

“The combination sale of short horn cattle and Poland China swine at the L.E. Kies and Sons farm was held yesterday and a success.”

“A special baby day will be held by the local Red Cross at the courthouse on Saturday, August 19. Mothers may attend and secure advice on baby care. Also typhoid vaccinations will be offered.”

“An annual report to the County Court was given by P.C. Kasten, treasurer of Byrd Township Special Road District. Also announced, Fred Pohlmann has been appointed constable of Applecreek Township. George Ward is admitted to State Sanitarium.”

AUG. 16: “Cape’s oldest merchant, David A. Glen, retired from the business of 43 years in dry goods retailing, which began in 1879. The business has been turned over to his employee A. Astholz. Glen had planned on a closing sale after a fire which occurred on August 5; however it was cancelled when Astholz bought the stock.”

“A large touring car of Joseph M. Thompson and family of Pocahontas caught fire as they returned from the decennial celebration in Cape last Thursday. It happened near the Bern Savers farm in northeast Jackson. The occupants escaped before the gas tank exploded.”

“Alvin Ueleke of Jackson has one of the leading radio operations in the county. He receives weather reports from St. Louis then broadcasts to neighboring towns.”

“The Jackson City Council who cannot obtain coal due to the strike, are burning wood to keep the municipal light and power plant going.”

“A small shower occurred in the county yesterday, but Jackson is still as dry as the 18th Amendment.”

AUG. 17: “At Williams Creek, crops are in need of moisture. Farmers will plan to hull clover this week.”

“S.M. McAtee was here to visit old friends. Following business here, he moved to Farmington.”

“Unfortunately, Linus Short was snake bit last week at his home in Fruitland.”

“Rev. and Mrs. R.B. Colter have been touring Tennessee on vacation.”

“Little Dorothy Miller celebrated her 6th birthday with several of her friends with games and refreshments.”

“Earl Stovall is now employed at Groves Snider Motor Co.”

“The ladies at the Presbyterian Church entertained Mrs. J. Frank Tucker on a boat trip on the Mississippi River. The Rev. and Mrs. Tucker are leaving for a new pastorate in Malvern, AR.”

“President Harding says the 18th Amendment must be sustained.”

“It’s good! Have sliced fresh peaches on Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.”

“Did you know?….Isaac Sheppard aged 50 years died at his home on August 16, 1882…40 years ago.”

“Mrs. Sigoloff is in St. Louis buying things for their store.”

“The newly organized DeMolay boys group are going to St. Louis this week to take further instructions.”

“Come by Sherman Haupt for Hardware and Harness.”

AUG. 19: “Ferdinand Seyer who lives on a farm 3-1/2 miles west of the Cape-Jackson Road, narrowly missed death from an infuriated bull in his potato patch as he was hoeing it. He was saved by his wife and neighbor who heard him yelling. He was severely gored in his jugular vein and attended by Dr. N.F. Choster. Mr. Seyer tried to use his toe to hold him off, but was knocked to the ground.”

AUG. 21: “Linus Penzel took a large crew to Caruthersville where he has a contract for a new large school building.”

“Night officer Walden found a man tampering with the Gem Restaurant. When he approached the man he ran to his nearby car and escaped with another man at the wheel.”

“Many Jackson and Cape folks are headed to Schumer Springs.”

“Alfred German, Civil War veteran, died in his farm home near Lutesville. Four years he came to Bollinger County. He was 76 and a widow with grown children.”

AUG. 22: “Mr. John Yancey who lives in the old John Abernathy mansion, east of Pocahontas close to the historic Applecreek Church, was quite surprised the other day. His old residence has an old fashioned fireplace with a giant mantle. On his mantle he has a conglomeration of bottles of homemade remedies, linaments, bundles and boxes of this and that. Coming into the room he saw a huge black snake sliding among the elexirs. Not wanting to damage his remedy bottles, he waited. After staring at one another, the snake slowly made its way off the shelf when Yancey clobbered him with a club.”

“Jake Fredericks Jr. has resigned his position at the E. Milde Bottling Works. The position is being filled by Paul Poe.”

“The A.D. Milde bungalow is being built soon.”

“Bob Goodwin is in New York City with a fine car load of poultry from Goodwin & Jean, Jackson.”

“The City Council accepted the resignation of George Grant as night watchman. Charles Waldron is taking his place.”

“The mayor and cemetery committee will soon arrange improvement of the street approaching the Russell Heights Cemetery.”

AUG. 23: “Fritz Deneke, 84, of Hubble Township is seriously ill at his home near Houck with hardening of the arteries.”

“The work of erecting poles and stringing lights for the illumination and decoration of Homecomers has begun. Paar Electrical Co. has the contract.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wolters has moved to west Jackson to the Davis property.”

“Miss Bess Litzelfelner has returned from Lake Geneva, WI, where she attended a Sunday School training. She was one of the leaders with 288 girls attending the camp.”

“The Al Mueller family including Miss Clara, are camping at Yellowstone Park where they have seen tame bears surrounding their tent each morning. She said in her post card, they will not go away until we feed them.”

AUG. 24: “The opening of school has been postponed till after Home Coming says Supt. McDonald. Otherwise the students won’t concentrate.”

“Bern Looney purchased the property of Mrs. Maggie Rose on North High St.”

“A.F. Williams, photography, has bought the vacant lot across from his former home on North High from Mrs. Maggie Rose and will begin building on it.”

“The contract for the new shoe factory in Jackson was let yesterday to Linus Penzel, contractor for $21,110. The other bidders were W.W. Taylor and Gerhardt Construction, both of Cape.”

“The ladies of the Presbyterian Church held their regular meeting with Mrs. R.K. Wilson giving the program. The solo was sung by Mrs. Lillian Milde. Mrs. B.W. Hays presented Mrs. Frank Tucker with a beautiful brooch as a going away pre-sent.”

“Rev. H.R. Colter of the First Baptist Church will speak at the union service at the Methodist Church Sunday night. It will be a farewell service for Rev. Turner. ‘Over the Gate’ will be the topic.”

“A “Cousins Reception” was given for the C. C. Oliver and wife’s family at the old homeplace Monday night. A fine supper was enjoyed.”

“The Anti-Horse Thief Association met at the courthouse to select the new secretary upon the death of Judge William Schaeffer.”

“See Williams Photography for photographs, post cards, enlargements and Kodak finishing.”

“The Democratic Central Committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday at the courthouse to fill the county ticket.”

“Visit our fountain at Homecomers, the most sanitary fountain in Southeast Missouri…Kerstner’s Pharmacy.”

“A Mystery Clock….The Cape County Savings Bank has a new clock. The mystery is there are no springs, nothing to make it go around. The clock marks the hours and minutes hanging in the window facing High St. What makes the clock go?”

“A woman by the name of Mrs. R. Anna Bushyhead of Muskegee, OK, has written Chief of Cape Police Jeff Huston that she believes David Seabaugh, who received burial 18 months ago was her father. She has a photo of him as a young man and claims she is his daughter and claims his estate.”

“Rodney Whitelaw of Cape Girardeau died Wednesday in Denver, CO, where he has been the past month recovering from a nervous breakdown. He was very active in Cape affairs including manager of the Fair for many years.”

“The biggest land sale in Cape Girardeau County will take place early next month. The property is on Kings’ Highway 1-1/4 miles south of Cape Girardeau. It belongs to John Crawford and Miss Eda Crawford and is known as 1101 Ranch of Valley View Farm. It will be auctioned Sept. 11 to the highest bidder. The 1,118 acres will be subdivided into tracts of 100-500 acres. The sale will include the 2-story house and garage. There is 300 acres of woodland bearing gum, elm, black walnut, oak trees and 1000 pecan trees. Mr. Lynn Adams is in charge of sales, offices at the Idan-Ha Hotel.”

“Southeast Missouri State Teachers College opens September 11 for the fall semester.”

“Wagner Bakery gives welcome to all home comers.”

“Available at Ruff & Talley are player pianos, music rolls, Brunswick Phonographs, Brunswick records…all at the Wessell Furniture and Undertaking.”

“Linder Miller is now manager of the Cape County Shipping Association of Jackson.”

AUG. 25: “Edwin Sander, attending college in Sedalia is home now with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Sander.”

“Mrs. William Paar and Mrs. Lena Boss have been staying at Schumer Springs enjoying cooler weather.”

“On the Mississippi River for excursions is the steamer ‘Alabama’ and the steamer, ‘Bald Eagle’ due here from St. Louis Saturday at noon.”

AUG. 26: “Paul Mueller will soon build his new home on the lot in the beautiful park east of his father’s home.”

AUG. 28: “The County Jail is empty and it was proposed that it be used as a lodging place during Homecomers reunion. The county treasurer would receive something for the upkeep. It is being opposed. Before Homecomers is finished, every cell will probably be filled with bootleggers or peace disturbers.”

“Street commissioner Schroeder has asked everyone to clean up their property for guests coming into town.”

“Jake Statler, brother of David Statler denies that the photo sent by Mrs. Rachel Bushyhead of Oklahoma looks like his brother.

Jake’s daughter, Mrs. Robert Estes agrees as she pointed out another picture she had of her uncle. Other friends of David Statler said they would make affidavits of that effect. The deceased Statler had a fortune of $50,000 that he left along with property at Medicine Lodge.”

AUG. 29: “Among the 48 persons taken into the Methodist Church following the revival meeting two weeks ago, are Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Ford and son of Gordonville and Dr. and Mrs. D.W. Seabaugh, formerly of Millersville.”

AUG. 30: “The Chamber of Commerce is looking into putting on a gigantic lot sale. It is the idea of August Flentge to put 400 lots to be sold for $200 each on a 120 acre plat of land purchased and laid off, with 20 acres set aside for a park area. A committee of F.E. Kies, A.A. Boss, Sherman Haupt, A.F. Williams, C.L. Grant and August will look into the idea. Following expenses, $80,000 will be realized to go to the shoe factory, proposed furniture factory and to create the park.”

“Henry W. Hahs, veteran Justice of the Peace, is much interested in the contention that Mrs. Rachel Bushyhead is the daughter of deceased David Statler, Cape County man of the Daisy community. Squire Hahs, who outranks any man in Cape Girardeau County in services of justice courts, was well acquainted with Statler and saw his body when it was brought back from Medicine Lodge for burial.

He also held the inquest over the body of Dave Bollinger the next day when he was killed by Statler on September 21, 1880, 42 years ago, he writes to Chief Hutson.

The squire says he is sure he can look at the picture of the young Statler and say if its Statler. He has been watching the developments and is very interested in the case.”

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